Tyler is a family man. 

Originally from Sioux Falls Iowa, Tyler and his sister moved to the Twin Cities this past July. He is still getting comfortable with his new surroundings, but so far his favorite thing about living in Minnesota is that he can always find something to do. There’s an adventure around every corner in this beautiful State.

Something Tyler loves even more than his new exciting surroundings, is getting to experience them with his sister. I’m sure many of us that are lucky enough to live near family can understand exactly how he feels. 

Tyler is very comfortable in his job as a painter for Blue, but he also hopes to keep pushing forward with new goals. For now he is going with the flow.

If you happen to  speak to any of Tyler’s co-workers or superiors about him, you’ll hear nothing but good things. There are quite a few reasons why tyler fits in so well at Blue. He is:


Easy going



If Tyler could paint his house any color he would choose green. “Not a super crazy green, but I love the color.”

We are guessing the the people of Sioux Falls are currently missing Tyler’s presence, but we only feel a little guilty about stealing him.



Donnie is an enthusiastic Minnesotan.

“Born and raised” he explains with a soft chuckle. Not only did Donnie grow up here, but one of his favorite things about living here is getting to experience the four seasons.

All of them. Including winter.

According to the DNR, the coldest day on record in Minnesota was -34 with a wind speed of 15 miles per hour. Burrrrrr

We Minnesotans are a tough bunch.

Along with playing in the snow, Donnie loves to read. He’s currently reading You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, a book written by Robert Herjavec, one of the judges from the show Shark Tank.

This book explains how to stay kind and keep to your morals while working in sales.

We have to say, we’re pretty proud to have a sales guy that reads books like this in his free time. Also, who knew Shark Tank could give us even more than an end of the day guilty pleasure?

Donnie loves giving back to his community. He volunteers for the wrestling program at Kennedy High School, the same program he belonged to back in high school.

This is why Donnie fits in so well at Blue: he is kind, hardworking, and constantly thinking of others. 

He is also uniquely himself.

If there is ever a contest for the most unique answer to the question: “If you could paint your house any color, what would it be?”  Donnie would Win.

Hazel,” he says without hesitation, “because it would match my eyes.”

We aren’t sure how to go about painting a house hazel, but we’re guessing that if anyone could figure it out, it would be Donnie.    



Happy painters are the best kind of painters.

“They’re all my friends,” Austin explains about the painters on his crew, “I let them know what I expect on each job, but besides that we keep it light and fun.”

Austin believes in hands on leadership. Instead of just directing his crew of painters, he works hard alongside them. This is why Austin fits in so well at Blue, he creates a culture of happiness on his job sites.

When he isn’t busy managing jobs for Blue Painting, Austin builds and sells custom long boards. He loves woodworking and the patience it takes to create something useful out of something as simple as a piece of wood. The future holds big things for Austin, an accounting major at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Austin dreams of one day building something much bigger than a long board. He wants to start his own business! We are very excited to watch him make this dream come true.



Zane loves to fish. If you ask him, he might tell you about the time he and his friend reeled in a snapping turtle.

“We thought it was either a big fish or the line was caught on something, so I told him to keep reeling it in.” He pauses for dramatic effect. “Then it just shoots out of the water and starts soaring through the air and snapping at us!”

Fortunately, everyone walked away unharmed. Including the turtle. 

Zane has spent his whole life in the Twin Cities. He grew up in Richfield Minnesota, and when he was 14, he began working at the Renaissance Festival.

Zane’s Dad plays “Snot” in the festival’s comedy act, Puke and Snot. (If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend you check it out this Summer!)    

“It’s a tight-knit community of very interesting people.” Zane explains about the many Summers he spent working alongside his Dad and the other performers of the festival.

One of his favorite parts of this job was getting to interact with the people, coming from all over to enjoy the Summer festival. Zane is very clearly a people person, and this is one of the reasons he fits in so well at Blue.

Zane leads by example. He is always working hard, and this motivates his crew of painters to work hard as well. He loves being able to step back after a finished project and see, what he calls, “a brand new house.” 

One day Zane hopes to start his own Business, but for now, we’re lucky enough to call him one of our leaders!